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Elastomeric polymers comprising polymerized alpha-olefins or conjugated alkadienes are produced by cationic polymerization in the presence of titanium tetrachloride and an electron pair donor selected from pyridine or a non-hindered alkylpyridine. The polymers have very narrow, mono-modal molecular ...

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The present invention is the synthesis of star polymers containing polyisobutylene (PIB) via the arm-first, core-last method. These polymers are superior in properties to known hydrogenated polyisoprene star-branched polymers due to their inherent lack of unsaturation.

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A thermoplastic resin composition comprises a compatible resin blend of a polyester sulfonate salt ionomer and a polyamide and at least one difunctional epoxy compound having at least one cyclohexane ring moiety and two terminal epoxy functional groups, wherein at least one of the two terminal epoxy ...


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A thermoplastic resin composition comprising: (a) Alkylene aryl polyester copolymers having metal sulfonate units represented by the formula IA: 1 or the formula IB: (M+nO3S)d—A—(OROH)p where p=1-3, d=1-3, p+d=2-6, n=1-5, and A is an aryl group containing one or more aromatic rings where the sulfona ...

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Disclosed is a method of preparing treated metal oxide nanoparticles from sols prepared from metal alkoxides and organosilanes. The treated nanoparticles are useful high refractive index additives in the manufacture of optical articles.

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A thermoplastic resin composition with enhanced elongation and good appearance comprising a compatible resin blend of a polyester sulfonate salt ionomer and a polyamide and an effective amount of at least one difunctional epoxy compound wherein the difunctional epoxy compound has at least one cycloh ...

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Efficient, targeted delivery of polymer entrapped nanoparticles, nutrients and microorganisms is provided by amphiphilic polysiloxane graft copolymers (APGC) based metal nanoparticle delivery vehicles configured to increase colloidal stability, reduce oxidation by non-target compounds, and have affi ...