Steven Rehkemper, Michael Kass, Bret Gould: Electronic football capable of measuring throwing statistics. Rehco, June 24, 2003: US06582330 (69 worldwide citation)

The electronic football of the present invention is capable of calculating various throwing statistics. The electronic football includes a start switch in communication with a timer means that starts when the start switch is released approximately simultaneously when the football is thrown. Upon imp ...

Jeffrey G Rehkemper, Nicholas Grisolia, Keith Johnson, Bret Gould, Alexey Florov: Toy airplane assembly having a microprocessor for assisting flight. Spin Master, Marcus R Mickney, Roylance Abrams Berdo & Goodman, September 2, 2003: US06612893 (37 worldwide citation)

A toy airplane assembly is provided that is easy to fly, inexpensive, and durable. The toy plane assembly includes a plane having a radio receiver and a microprocessor. Batteries housed in the fuselage power the printed circuit board to which the microprocessor and radio receiver are attached. The r ...

Jeffrey Rehkemper, Nicholas Grisolia, Peter Greenley, Bret Gould: Control system for a flying vehicle. Rehco, September 5, 2006: US07100866 (32 worldwide citation)

In one embodiment of the present invention there is described a vehicle having a propeller mechanism for propelling the vehicle in a horizontal direction. The vehicle includes a transmitter positioned on the bottom of the vehicle for transmitting a signal from the vehicle downwardly away from the ve ...

Steven Rehkemper, Bret Gould, Peter Greenley, Michael Kass, Jackson Wilson: Dancing figure. Rehco, November 25, 2003: US06652351 (11 worldwide citation)

In accordance with the present invention, there is provided a dancing figure that includes a body defined by a torso, a head, and a pair of arms, and a pair of legs pivotally attached to the torso at a hip region. Each leg includes at least an upper leg section pivotally attached to a lower leg sect ...

Robyn Wirsing Black, Matthew Seibert, Joel Beebe, Bret Gould: Light and sound bar system. Benesch Friedlander Coplan & Aronoff, Thomas Y Kendrick, Benjamen E Kem, March 21, 2017: US09602903

A system is disclosed for providing enhanced sound and additional functionality to auxiliary devices. In one embodiment, a light and sound bar system comprising an omnidirectional high fidelity speaker; an adjustable lighting device; and attachment hardware for attaching to an auxiliary device is pr ...




Joel Beebe, Nicholas Vallo, Christopher Brown, Matthew Siebert, Bret Gould, Christopher Hawker, Abraham Alexander: Device for securing elongate article. Evriholder Products, Louis C Paul, June 26, 2018: US10004361

A device for securing an elongate article comprising four finned holder elements, each finned holder element being fabricated of an elastomeric material, the four finned holder elements being oriented in two pairs, a top pair and a bottom pair, each pair having a left and right finned holder element ...