Brendan J Hamill: Apparatus for the chemical synthesis of oligonucleotides. Shoemaker and Mattare, March 1, 1988: US04728502 (77 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for carrying out a multiplicity of different sequential chemical syntheses on solid-supports simultaneously comprises a multiplicity of complementary support plates each formed with a reaction chamber opening through the plate and containing the solid-support together with at least one by- ...

Peter J Fellner, Brendan J Hamill, Paul W Manley: Imidazole hydrazone derivatives. G D Searle & Co, Albert Tockman, James G Passe, Albin James Nelson, September 28, 1982: US04351948 (3 worldwide citation)

Compounds corresponding to the following general formula: ##STR1## wherein Ar and Ar.sup.1, which may be the same or different, each represents an aromatic radical which may be substituted one or more times by halogen and/or nitro and/or lower alkyl and/or trihalomethyl and/or cyano and/or lower alk ...

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