Boris Mikhailovich Khudenko: Biological treatment of materials. Khudenko Engineering, December 8, 1998: US05846424 (79 worldwide citation)

A method of biological treatment of materials by a combination of at least two groups of microorganisms forming sludges in at least two biological treatment zones treating the said materials wherein for purposes of increasing the treatment efficiency and stability at least one said sludges is condit ...

Boris Mikhailovich Khudenko: Electrochemical treatment of materials. Mockba Corporation, March 9, 1999: US05879555 (32 worldwide citation)

This is a method of treatment of materials with the use of a sacrificial metal and reducible ions which comprises steps of

Boris Mikhailovich Khudenko: Biological-abiotic waste treatment. July 6, 1999: US05919367 (32 worldwide citation)

This is an oxidation-reduction treatment of wastewater with biomass, comprising (a) a step of charging in the said system a recuperable oxidation-reduction mediator specie (metallic ions, metal containing species, oxyions with variable oxidation-reduction states, redox ion exchange materials, and co ...

Boris Mikhailovich Khudenko: Control of anaerobic wastewater treatment. Khudenko Engineering, August 25, 1998: US05798043 (30 worldwide citation)

A method of controlling wastewater treatment in multi step system comprising at least one anaerobic step and at least one carbon dioxide stripping step by a combination of

Boris Mikhailovich Khudenko: Method and apparatus for fluidization of particulate bed materials. MOCKBA Corporation, April 11, 2000: US06048459 (20 worldwide citation)

A method for fluidization of a particulate bed material in a fluidized bed reactor with an upflow of fliud being treated, wherein a step of recycling said treated fluid is provided and further comprising the steps of (a) uniformly collecting at least a portion of the fluid above the fluidized bed an ...

Boris Mikhailovich Khudenko: Lamellar separator. Khudenko Engineering, December 16, 1997: US05698102 (7 worldwide citation)

A lamellar separator for clarification of aqueous influents comprising a primary clarification section provided with inclined co-current lamellas fed by the said aqueous influents at the upper ends of the said lamellas and discharging streams of concentrated solids and streams of clarified liquid at ...

Boris Mikhailovich Khudenko: Airlift. April 24, 2001: US06220822 (4 worldwide citation)

A method for lifting liquids with airlift consisting of a lift pipe having a suction port, a discharge port, and an air feed including steps of (a) feeding air into the lift pipe, (b) sucking liquid in the suction port, (c) discharging liquid and air at the discharge port, and (d) inducing rotationa ...

Boris Mikhailovich Khudenko: Pulsating reactors. Boris M Khudenko, May 12, 2005: US20050098497-A1

This is a method and apparatus for treatment of liquid media making use of at least one float positioned at the top of the liquid and at least one gas diffuser placed under the float and connected to this float by at least one brace, the diffuser is connected to a gas source by at least one flexible ...

Boris Mikhailovich Khudenko: Water treatment. Boris M Khudenko, January 5, 2006: US20060000784-A1

This is a method of water and wastewater treatment for removal of pollutants in at least two-step process comprising (a) treatment of water producing at least partially treated intermediate effluent, (b) treatment of the intermediate effluent with a sacrificial metal and producing ions of said sacri ...