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An instrument comprising a tubular staple case is disclosed, the case being traversed by a supporting rod extending outwardly therefrom with its front end. The tubular case is used to mount a plunger with a knife arranged on the rod. An abutment head mounted on the front end of the rod is made gener ...

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The staple has two legs interconnected through a web. Each of the legs carries a rod having a pointed bottom end and a head. The head has a slot for the web to pass. A through hole or passage is made in the rod, which is open at the slot in the head and at the side rod surface. The rigidity of the l ...

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Disclosure is made of a surgical instrument, comprising a supporting body with a replaceable die, a magazine with staples, a carriage-holder, a staple ejector, a carriage-holder mechanical actuator, and a staple ejector mechanical actuator.

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The instrument has a separable body composed of two oblong interlinked members, each of them carrying at one of its vacant ends a detachable split bush adapted for the element being sutured to pass through the interior thereof and arranged across the longitudinal axis of the respective instrument bo ...

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Described herein is an instrument, comprising a staple body and a supporting body hingedly connected thereto, both having longitudinal jaws. The staple body has staple magazines and a staple ejector. The supporting body has a die for bending the staples when suturing. A recess is provided at the bas ...

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The disclosure is made of a surgical instrument comprising a suturing device having a supporting body and a staple body with an ejector for ejecting staples therefrom for suturing, the bodies being coupled together by means of a pivot device adjacent one end, and a retainer is provided at the other ...

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A holder of a valve prosthesis implantable in a patient's circulatory system, including arms which have handles at one of their ends, and three or more working jaws provided at the end thereof for a valve prosthesis to secure thereon. The ends of all the working jaws form a circle when brought apart ...

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A device for uniting bone fragments comprises a rectilinear body and a contrivance for fixing it in the coapted bone fragments. The contrivance for fixing the body in the coapted bone fragments is formed by thrust members being the portions of the body located at the opposite ends thereof and having ...

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Described herein is an instrument, having detachably hinged together supporting and staple bodies provided with parallel-arranged jaws, of which one jaw is adapted for carrying staple magazines, while the other, for accommodating therein a slidable member provided with recesses for bending staples. ...

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The device for administering medicinal preparations comprises an isolated capsule subdivided into a chamber for a first medicinal preparation and a chamber for a second medicinal preparation. Coaxially inside said isolated capsule concentrically therewith is the piston which bounds said chamber for ...