Bogosian Theodore Oscar: Device for fencing and absorbing contaminating oil spills on water. Johns Manville Corporation, June 19, 1973: US3739913 (93 worldwide citation)

An elongate body of oil absorbing material and flotation material including longitudinal reinforcing or strengthening means whereby a plurality of bodies can be linearly disposed in end-to-end relationship for temporarily fencing oil spills on water for retention and absorption of the oil.The body c ...

Bogosian Theodore Oscar: Elastomeric oil slick boom. August 22, 1972: US3685296 (11 worldwide citation)

A buoyant barrier boom which preferably typically comprises a relatively rigid sheet of asbestos rubber of about 10 percent to about 20 percent styrene-butadiene rubber content by weight, having a closed cell sponge attached to both faces of the sheet in a position whereby at least two-thirds of the ...

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