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In a method based on readback signal for in-situ measuring of absolute head-medium spacing, a pre-encoded pattern in the magnetic medium on a disk has at least two harmonics with amplitudes such that a linear function of the logarithmic ratio of the spacing loss-term is formed in relation to testing ...

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A medium may be provided. The medium includes a servo layer, a data recording layer, and a heat sink layer disposed between the servo layer and the recording layer.

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A modification to the “leaky bucket” algorithm provides fair treatment of Frame Relay packets of varying length. The previously known leaky bucket scheme requires that there be sufficient credits in either the committed burst (Bc) bucket or excess burst (Be) bucket to accommodate the entire frame at ...

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A method for storing a temperature threshold in an integrated circuit includes measuring operating parameters of the integrated circuit versus temperature, calculating a maximum temperature at which the integrated circuit performance exceeds predetermined specifications and storing parameters corres ...