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An automated method for alerting a custorner that a transaction is being initiated and for authorizing the transaction based on a confirmation/approval by the customer thereto. In accordance with one illustrative embodiment, a request to authorize the transaction is received, wherein the request inc ...

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A subassembly (10) for use in packaging an optoelectronic device (e.g., LED or photodiode 11) includes a semiconductor (e.g., silicon) base (22) and lid (24) having a variety of etched features (e.g., grooves, cavities, alignment detents) and metalization patterns (e.g., contacts, reflectors) which ...

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Optoelectronic chips, such as Group III-V compound lasers (16) and photodiodes (24, 28), are mounted on a single-crystal silicon base (10), and are optically interconnected to one another by silica waveguides (14, 22, 26) and couplers (20, 23) integrally formed on the base. Integrated circuit chips ...

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An apparatus housing that can have various exterior colors enabling the apparatus which the housing surrounds to be aesthetically pleasing in any environment in which the apparatus is located. Additionally, the housing unit provides a visual indication of information by changing color. The housing h ...

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A graphical password arrangement displays a predetermined graphical image (400) and requires a user to "touch" predetermined areas (401) of the image in a predetermined sequence, as a means of entering a password.

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Applicants have discovered that a particularly efficient illuminating device for a transparent display (89) comprises a microtextured reflecting surface (92) formed on a major surface of a transparent substrate (90) and a light source (93) for directing light into the transparent substrate approxima ...

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Integrated circuit chip-to-chip interconnections are made via gold pads (24, 34) on each chip (101, 102) that are bonded to corresponding gold pads (14, 12) on a silicon wafer chip carrier (10). The pads on the chips and/or the pads on the carrier are characterized by texturing (roughening) with a f ...

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In accordance with the invention, an LED packaged for high temperature operation comprises a metal base (11) including an underlying thermal connection pad (16) and a pair of electrical connection pad (15A) and (15B), an overlying ceramic layer (17), and a LED die (10) mounted overlying the metal ba ...

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In an optical device such as, e.g., an optical communications coupler or an optical gyroscope, a substrate-supported waveguide is aligned with a device component such as, e.g., an optical fiber or a photodetector. Optical alignment of such component (61) relative to the waveguide (64) is facilitated ...

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In the interest of ease of manufacture, hybrid lasers of distributed-Bragg-reflector type are preferred for use as light sources in optical communications. We have found that such lasers are prone to mode instabilities which can adversely affect the error rate. However, by making the reflectance pea ...