Black Greg R, Clark Joel A: Method and apparatus for configuration of modular devices. Motorola, July 16, 2008: KR1020087011189

A method and apparatus is provided for configuring a wireless communication module (220) for optimal performance with a portable communication handset (210). When coupling of a portable electronic handset (210) and a wireless communication module (220) is detected (602, 702) the portable electronic ...




Sklovsky Vladimir, Black Greg R, Braun Mark R: Methods, systems, and apparatus for selecting an application in power-off mode. Motorola, lu jinhua liu guangmeng, June 13, 2012: CN201080013060

An embodiment relates generally to a method of selecting applications. The method includes positioning a powered-down mobile device into a close proximity of a near field communication device and selecting an application from a plurality of applications stored on the powered-down mobile device. The ...