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The present invention relates generally to wireless communications, and more particularly to a communication system operating in a licensed RF band and an unlicensed RF band. The method can include exchanging ( 302 ) traffic information ( 410 ) between a base station ( 102 ) and a mobile station ( 1 ...

Black Greg R, Kurby Christopher N, Stewart Kenneth A: Method and apparatus for reducing data collisions in a frequency hopping communication system. Motorola, mu dejun lu jinhua, January 24, 2007: CN200480039630

A method in a transmitter for data collision avoidance in an uncoordinated frequency hopping communication system is disclosed. The base station (104) first determines (304) that a first data set to be sent to a first device (105) and a second data set to be sent to a second device (107) are schedul ...

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A method is provided for on-demand communications in a communication network with support for a plurality of communication units participating in a common communication, which includes multiple signal initiators, each supplying a signal, which are virtually simultaneously conveyed as part of the com ...

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A method in a communication network entity, for example, a push-to-talk/anything server, for content sharing in a group communication session including obtaining (210) participant information from a plurality of group participants, determining (220) common group information based on the group partic ...



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The present invention provides a communication controller and a method for maintaining a communication connection during a cell reselection. The communication connection is maintained by changing between a first operating mode (308), such as a packet data mode, which does not support the maintenance ...


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A polar modulation power amplifier circuit includes a control circuit (101) to determine and provide a load selection signal (127), wherein the load selection signal (127) is determined responsive to a requested power signal (119). A power amplifier (113) is responsive to a power control signal (141 ...