Black David Harold Alexander: Electronic converter with regulated output current and frequency. Bell Northern Research, Mowle John E, October 1, 1974: US3839668 (17 worldwide citation)

A constant current converter utilizing a free running inverter employing current feedback. The inverter output current is sampled and used to control a switching regulator synchronized to the inverter, so that the supply voltage fed to the inverter holds its output current and consequently its outpu ...



Black David Harold Alexander, Joyce Robert Howard, Daaboul Fouad, Le Van Tiu: Mitigation of noise signal contrast in digital speech interpolation transmission system.. Northern Telecom, March 17, 1982: EP0047588-A2

A DSI transmission system is described in which noise signal contrast is mitigated by transmitting not only active channels but also channels which carry background noise, the resolution of the background noise channels being varied in dependence upon the number of channels transmitted. In the descr ...