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An apparatus and method for maintaining immersion fluid (212) in the gap adjacent the projection lens (16) during the exchange of a work piece (208) in a lithography machine (10) is disclosed. The apparatus and method includes an optical assembly (16) configured to project an image onto a work piece ...

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An apparatus for supporting an object is disclosed. The apparatus includes an air bearing coupled to an air bellows. When used in a vacuum environment, the apparatus preferably includes an air bearing housing with vacuum to remove the pressurized fluid used in the air bearing.

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A mover (344) moving a stage (238) along a first axis and about a second axis includes a magnetic component (454), and a conductor component (456). The magnetic component (454) includes one or more magnets (454D) that are surrounded by a magnetic field. The conductor component (456) is positioned ne ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To prevent the transmission of vibration and disturbance from the earth surface or surroundings to rough motion stage and precision state and accurately position a work piece.SOLUTION: The stage device 220 is one that moves the work piece 200 around a first axis and along the f ...