Billy C Malone: Non-extruding inflatable packer assembly. Lynes, William C Norvell Jr, September 14, 1982: US04349204 (101 worldwide citation)

An extrusion resistant expansible element for use as a sealing element or packer in a subterranean well bore. The expansible element comprises an inner elastomeric sleeve to which fluid pressure is internally applied to produce the expansion forces. The internal sleeve is surrounded by an annular ar ...

Billy C Malone, Malcolm G Coone: Inflatable securing arrangement. Lynes, William C Norvell Jr, October 11, 1977: US04052861 (19 worldwide citation)

An inflatable securing arrangement includes support means having a longitudinally extending annular elastomer body bonded thereto. An annular reinforcing is also secured to the support means and extends longitudinally thereof, and gripping means are carried by the support means, such gripping means ...

Malcolm G Coone, Billy C Malone, Marvin Lee Holbert Jr: Shifting apparatus. Lynes, William C Norvell Jr, September 27, 1977: US04050731 (10 worldwide citation)

Apparatus is provided having particular use in conjunction with setting of longitudinally extendable piling units for anchoring an offshore platform for subsequent use in drilling, production, completion and workover of a subterranean well. The apparatus is designed to be selectively movable within ...