Bier David A, Curtze Edward W: Cutting of glass. PPG, September 4, 1973: US3756104 (14 worldwide citation)

Cutter heads in a glass-cutting machine are actuated, using a constant-reluctance motor means. Score lines of predetermined depth are obtained, despite small variations in the thickness of the glass, and without use of a pneumatic system that is slow-acting and difficult to maintain. The pressure ex ...

Bier David A: Glass cutting using a direct-current torque motor. PPG, September 25, 1973: US3760997 (9 worldwide citation)

A cutter head in a glass-cutting machine is rigidly connected to a movable member within a constant-reluctance motor. Current is supplied to the motor to move the member and therefore actuate the cutter head. In a preferred embodiment, the constant-reluctance motor is a direct-current torque motor a ...

Bier David A: Methode et dispositif de sectionnement dun ruban de verre, decartement des sections derivees, et de groupage des dites sections, Method of and apparatus for spacing sheets and moving groups of spaced sheets. PPG Industries, BORDEN LADNER GERVAIS, August 31, 1982: CA1130752

Abstract of the DisclosureA conveyor section advances a ribbon into a cutting station wheresheets are severed from the glass ribbon. The sheets are advanced ontodownstream conveyor rolls where the sheet is accelerated for a given periodof time to space the trailing edge of the sheet from the leading ...