Bertil Werjefelt: Operator station emergency visual assurance method and apparatus. Shlesinger Arkwright & Garvey, May 23, 1989: US04832287 (35 worldwide citation)

The invention includes an operator station emergency visual assurance system for providing the operator with substantially uninterrupted access to operationally necessary visual information under emergency conditions of a progressive invasion by heavy smoke and/or particulate matter toward and/or in ...


Bertil Werjefelt: Toxic fume protective hood and method of construction. E I Du Pont de Nemours and Company, August 4, 1987: US04683880 (20 worldwide citation)

A smoke hood is provided which is highly compact, quickly assembled, and light-weight. The device is defined by a tubular, transparent portion made from KAPTON, having a closed upper end and a lower skirt portion adapted to fit over at least the head of a user. A neck seal is attached to the interio ...

Bertil Werjefelt: Life support system and method of providing fresh air to enclosed areas. Sandler & Greenblum, April 3, 1984: US04440164 (18 worldwide citation)

A life support system is provided for users located within enclosed areas to supply them with fresh air from a location exterior of the enclosed area, and is particularly adapted for use in emergency circumstances such as when fire and smoke fill enclosed areas. The system can be used in buildings a ...

Bertil Werjefelt: Pilot visual assurance apparatus for an aircraft cockpit. Shlesinger Arkwright & Garvey, June 7, 1994: US05318250 (15 worldwide citation)

A visual assurance apparatus for an aircraft includes an inflatable enclosure which is in a normally uninflated state. When inflated, the inflatable enclosure defines a visual path between the pilot and the windshield and between the pilot and the instrument panel. Thus, the pilot can see even when ...

Bertil Werjefelt: Emergency visual assurance apparatus for an aircraft cockpit. Shlesinger Arkwright & Garvey, April 13, 1993: US05202796 (14 worldwide citation)

An emergency visual assurance apparatus for an aircraft cockpit comprises an inflatable enclosure having inflated and deflated states. The enclosure is adapted to fill the visual path between a pilot and an instrument panel and/or a windshield of an aircraft when in the inflated state. The inflatabl ...

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Decompression and toxic fume protection apparatus comprising an inner chamber adapted to surround the head of the wearer, an inflatable and concentric outer chamber, a gas reservoir, means for removal of carbon dioxide and passageways for the circulation of gas through the apparatus.

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An aircraft cabin humidification system for humidifying an air mass within the cabin. The system comprises: