Bernd Krebs: Rear floor for motor vehicle. Audi, Jacques M Dulin, Thomas C Feix, January 12, 1993: US05178434 (16 worldwide citation)

An improved floor configuration for the interior rear portion of a motor vehicle wherein at least one region, made of a fracture-prone material such as plastic and typically the spare tire cavity or foot recess cavity region, is covered by a sealing cover assembly having properties of high ultimate ...

Bernd Krebs, Jacques M Dulin: Safety restraint for motor vehicles. Audi, Jacques M Dulin, July 19, 1994: US05330228 (14 worldwide citation)

A safety belt restraint arrangement for a motor vehicle which automatically adjusts the height of the head rest to an optimal position during a collision. In a principle embodiment a seat belt guide or follower member is formed into the side of the head rest for directing the seat belt, from an upwa ...

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