Bernard Raymond Eichenbaum: Beam splitter/combiner module. Lucent Technologies, June 26, 2001: US06252719 (14 worldwide citation)

A beam splitter/combiner module for multiplexing and/or demultiplexing a plurality of optical signals having at least three different wavelengths &lgr;

David John DiGiovanni, Bernard Raymond Eichenbaum, Mujibun Nisa Khan: Method and apparatus for bidirectional communication over a single optical fiber. Lucent Technologies, April 30, 2002: US06381045 (12 worldwide citation)

Dual concentric core fiber is used for optical communication. Inbound messages lying in a first wavelength channel are received from a terminal portion of the fiber, and outbound messages lying in a second such channel are injected into the terminal portion. The optical fiber has at least one annula ...

Bernard Raymond Eichenbaum, Terry Don Mathis: Optical fiber drop cable. Gardner Groff PC, Paper Mill Village Building 23, February 5, 2004: US20040022505-A1

An optical fiber drop cable for carrying one or more optical fibers from a curb to a customer premises. The optical fiber drop cable comprises first and second ribbon-like longitudinal support members disposed one atop the other and having one or more optical fibers disposed between them in a longit ...

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communications grade glass optical fibers are protected from static fatigue failure by an initial coating that reacts with surface silanol groups, thereby to occupy or tie up water vapor reaction sites. The OH surface radicals may be bonded to by condensation reactions including: esterification, car ...