Carl D Coddington, Bernard J Craig, Larry A Litteral, Arthur A Richard III, Jeffrey B Gold, Donald C Klika Jr, Daniel B Konkle, James M McHenry: Video-on-demand services using public switched telephone network. Bell Atlantic Network Services, Lowe Price LeBlanc & Becker, April 25, 1995: US05410343 (599 worldwide citation)

A public switched telephone network (PSTN) provides digital video signals from a video information provider or digital service bureau to one or more of a plurality of subscriber premises. Administration of orders from subscribers is carried out by a video gateway and file servers at the central offi ...

Barbara L Wheeler, Earnest L Heatwole Jr, Maureen T McGinley, Richard M Seikaly, Bernard J Craig: Public telephone network including a distributed imaging system. Bell Atlantic Network Services, Lowe Price LeBlanc & Becker, January 24, 1995: US05384835 (83 worldwide citation)

A public telephone network includes enhanced capabilities with a distributed imaging system. The imaging system interfaces with end users through appropriate bridges, routers and gateways to provide the user with a virtual local area network. Automatic number information (ANI) is used to automatical ...

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