Bernard Charles Sherman: Solid pharmaceutical compositions comprising a cyclosporin and an anionic surfactant. Bernard Charles Sherman, Ivor M Hughes, Neil H Hughes, Marcelo K Sarkis, March 6, 2001: US06197335 (58 worldwide citation)

A solid pharmaceutical composition for oral administration comprising a cyclosporin and an anionic surfactant, preferably sodium lauryl sulfate, wherein the amount of anionic surfactant is at least about forty percent of the minimum amount needed to dissolve the cyclosporin in water.

Bernard Charles Sherman: Microemulsion preconcentrates comprising cyclosporins. Bernard C Sherman, Nixon & Vanderhye P C, December 7, 1999: US05998365 (27 worldwide citation)

A pharmaceutical composition in the form of a microemulsion preconcentrate comprising a cyclosporin dissolved in a solvent system further comprising a hydrophobic component, a hydrophilic component, and a surfactant, wherein either the hydrophobic component is selected from tocol, tocopherols, tocot ...

Bernard Charles Sherman: Emulsion preconcentrate comprising a cyclosporin, propylene carbonate, and glycerides. Nixon & Vanderhye P C, December 12, 2000: US06159933 (21 worldwide citation)

Pharmaceutical compositions in the form of an emulsion preconcentrate or microemulsion preconcentrate which comprise a cyclosporin as active ingredient, propylene carbonate as hydrophilic solvent, glycerides as lipophilic solvent, and a surfactant.

Bernard Charles Sherman: Pharmaceutical composition comprising fenofibrate. Bernard Charles Sherman, Neil H Hughes, Ivor M Hughes, Marcelo K Sarkis, September 3, 2002: US06444225 (14 worldwide citation)

The bioavailability of fenofibrate is improved by making a solid dispersion of a disentegrant in the fenofibrate. Method of making said solid dispersion comprising melting the fenofibrate, blending the disintegrant into the melt, and resolidifying the mixture.

Bernard Charles Sherman: Magnesium omeprazole. Bernard Charles Sherman, Neil H Hughes, Ivor M Hughes, March 30, 2004: US06713495 (9 worldwide citation)

Improved process to produce magnesium omeprazole substantially amorphous with pharmaceutically acceptable low level of methanol and solid pharmaceutical compositions.

Bernard Charles Sherman: Clopidogrel bisulfate tablet formulation. Nixon & Vanderhye P C, July 5, 2005: US06914141 (8 worldwide citation)

Pharmaceutical tablets comprising clopidogrel bisulfate and a lubricant selected from zinc stearate, stearic acid, and sodium stearyl fumarate.

Bernard Charles Sherman: Magnesium salt of S-omeprazole. Bernard Charles Sherman, Neil H Hughes, Ivor M Hughes, Marcello Sarkis, May 17, 2005: US06894066 (6 worldwide citation)

A process of producing the magnesium salt of an enantiomer of omeprazole, said process comprising the steps of: i) reacting magnesium with a lower alcohol to produce magnesium alkoxide in solution in the lower alcohol as solvent, ii) adding the neutral form of the enantiomer of omeprazole to the sol ...

Bernard Charles Sherman: Diltiazem hydrochloride formulation. Nixon & Vanderhye P C, October 19, 1999: US05968552 (4 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a pharmaceutical formulation comprising diltiazem hydrochloride. The formulation is in the form of a mixture of beads blended so as to provide a dissolution profile that renders the formulation suitable for oral administration once daily.

Bernard Charles Sherman: Controlled-release pharmaceutical compositions. Bernard Charles Sherman, Nixon & Vanderhye PC, March 9, 1999: US05879714 (3 worldwide citation)

A controlled-release pharmaceutical composition for oral administration comprising a multitude of granules made by dissolving or dispersing a drug and a water-insoluble polymer in a molten carrier, solidifying the resultant material, and grinding the resultant solid into granules.

Bernard Charles Sherman: Extended-release solid oral dosage forms of drugs having low solubility in water. Nixon & Vanderhye P C, October 17, 2000: US06132772 (3 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to extended-release solid oral dosage forms of a drug having low solubility in water are obtained by dissolving the drug in polyethylene glycol having a mean molecular weight of at least 1000 and adding thereto a hydrophilic gel-forming polymer.