Berman Paul A, Giras Theodore C, Crews Roy E: Modular operating centers and methods of building same for use in electric power generating plants and other industrial and commercial plants, processes and systems. Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Possessky E F, December 9, 1975: US3925679 (57 worldwide citation)

Modular operating centers for use in electric power generating plants and other industrial and commercial plants, processes and systems are constructed by using a novel prefabricated modular technique. This technique includes loading a plurality of transportable room-size building modules with contr ...

Berman Paul A: Fuel pump system for gas turbines. Westinghouse Electric Corporation, October 10, 1972: US3696612 (24 worldwide citation)

A fuel pump system for a gas turbine of the type in which a main fuel pump is normally driven by an electric motor powered from an external electrical network. An auxiliary fuel pump is connected in a parallel hydraulic circuit arrangement with the main fuel pump and is activated by a battery-driven ...

Berman Paul A: Lubricating oil system for a prime mover. Westinghouse Electric Corporation, April 25, 1972: US3658153 (22 worldwide citation)

A lubricating oil system for an internal combustion prime mover having an oil pump driven by the prime mover shaft and an electrically driven oil pump arranged in series flow relation with the prime mover shaft bearings for pumping hot oil from the bearings through an oil cooler and into a main rese ...

Berman Paul A: Heat recovery steam generator employing means for preventing economizer steaming. Westinghouse Electric Corporation, September 4, 1973: US3756023 (11 worldwide citation)

A system for preventing the formation of steam in an economizer coil disposed within a heat recovery steam generator used in a combined gas turbine and steam turbine power plant. This is accomplished by recycling a portion of the water at the output of the economizer back into the condensate conduit ...

Berman Paul A: Centrale thermique, avec systeme de combustion sur lit fluidise, sous pression de resurchauffage, Power generating plant employing a reheat pressurized fluidized bed combustor system. Westinghouse Electric Corporation, OLDHAM AND COMPANY, August 19, 1986: CA1209812

34ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSUREA reheat pressurized fluidized bed combustorsystem for an electric power plant includes an HP turbinewhich drives a compressor. Compressed clean air is direct-ed through a combustor bed heat exchanger where it isheated to 1500�F and then directed to the HP turbineinlet. A ...


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