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A desalination membrane-substrate composite, effective to permit the effusion of pure water and the rejection of dissolved impurities, comprising a semipermeable membrane layer of polymeric material in contact with at least one side of a porous substrate is made by in-situ interfacial condensation o ...

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A crosslinked polysiloxane dispersion comprising a siloxane polymer, polymer mixture or polymer/solvent mixture, capable of crosslinking via condensation, addition or free radical reactions and having a viscosity of between 5000 and 500,000 mPa.s, if required, 0.1 to 100 weight parts of a crosslinki ...

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A crosslinked polysiloxane dispersion comprising a product of a siloxane polymer or polymer mixture having a viscosity of 5000 to 500,000 mPa.s and at least one self catalyzing crosslinker, a surfactant and water.

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A duplex FM communication transceiver (10) in which the problem of requiring additional costly apparatus to separately generate a modulated transmit carrier signal and a receiver first mixer injection signal is solved by utilizing the modulated transmit carrier signal as the receiver first mixer (32 ...

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The bonding of a sealant or coating to a substrate can be improved by applying to the substrate a composition containing a specified polydiorganosiloxane and a specified reactive compound, then applying the sealant or coating to the cleaned and treated substrate. The polydiorganosiloxane is a linear ...

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An aqueous silicone emulsion, which upon the evaporation of the water forms a surface modified elastomeric silicone material providing improved coverage and adhesion of paint, reduced staining and lower coefficients of friction, relative to other silicone elastomers from aqueous emulsions is disclos ...

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A method of producing alkoxysilethylene endblocked polydiorganosiloxane consists essentially of first reacting hydroxyl endblocked polydiorganosiloxane with excess SiH compound having from 2 to 4 SiH groups in the presence of a platinum catalyst, then reacting that product with vinyltrialkoxysilane ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To enable many users to access and edit a common data object at the same time by giving the users confliction solution information relating to a specific data confliction and solving the specific data confliction according to user's inputs. SOLUTION: A 'master' copy 52 of a dat ...

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A crosslinked polysiloxane dispersion comprising a product of a siloxane polymer or polymer mixture having a viscosity of 5000 to 500,000 mPa.s and at least one self catalyzing crosslinker, a surfactant and water.