Sankar Basu, Homayoon S M Beigi, Stephane Herman Maes, Benoit Emmanuel Ghislain Maison, Chalapathy Venkata Neti, Andrew William Senior: Methods and apparatus for audio-visual speaker recognition and utterance verification. International Business Machines Corporation, Paul J Otterstedt, Ryan Mason & Lewis, April 17, 2001: US06219640 (61 worldwide citation)

Methods and apparatus for performing speaker recognition comprise processing a video signal associated with an arbitrary content video source and processing an audio signal associated with the video signal. Then, an identification and/or verification decision is made based on the processed audio sig ...

Sabine V Deligne, Ramesh Ambat Gopinath, Benoit Emmanuel Ghislain Maison: Methods and apparatus for automatic generation of multiple pronunciations from acoustic data. International Business Machines Corporation, Anne V Dougherty, Ryan Mason & Lewis, February 20, 2007: US07181395 (20 worldwide citation)

Methods and apparatus for automatically deriving multiple phonetic baseforms of a word from a speech utterance of this word are provided in accordance with the present invention. In one embodiment, a method of automatically generating two or more phonetic baseforms from a spoken utterance representi ...

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