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An apparatus, system and method for increasing buffer status reporting efficiency and adapting buffer status reporting according to uplink capacity. User equipment is configured a monitor a usage of a plurality of buffers, detect one of a plurality of pre-selected conditions corresponding to at leas ...

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A system and methods for slow medium access control entity (MAC-e) for autonomous transmission during High Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA), and for service specific transmission time control in HUSPA, wherein a control parameter that is independent from the air interface transmission time interva ...

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Method for transmitting data on a packet data channel, where the packet data channel is formed by sequential radio bursts in certain time slots in a certain sequence of radio frames, data is transmitted in data blocks, a packet data channel is used by a number of packet data connections and an ident ...

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A method of transmitting inband signaling messages in a mobile telecommunications network using SACCH burst. In order to avoid puncturing a fixed amount of bits out of every SACCH burst for inband signaling, the 40-bit FIRE code of the SACCH is replaced with a shorter CRC code, thereby creating unus ...

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This invention describes a method for a redundancy version implementation of an uplink (UL) enhanced dedicated channel (E-DCH) in mobile communication systems by calculating a redundancy version number (RVN) as a function of a connection frame number (CFN), a maximum number of processed HARQs (hybri ...

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A method is presented for enhancing pre-synchronization reliability in a cellular radio system. At least one base station in the cellular radio system is arranged to transmit at least two such transmissions (350, 351; 360, 361; 370, 371; 380, 381) that are usable for mobile stations in pre-synchroni ...

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Disclosed is a method to operate a wireless user equipment, a wireless user equipment, a computer program product, and an apparatus. The method includes, in response to operation during a Baseline Procedure when no absolute grant (AG) is received from a wireless network node, determining if there wa ...

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A method is disclosed for operating a wireless TDMA communications system. The method includes steps of monitoring a propagation delay of a mobile station; and when the propagation delay exceeds a predetermined limit, changing by a time slot unit a value of one or both of T

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A method includes, in response to selection of a transport block to be transmitted through a wireless channel at a current data rate, performing at least the following: selecting a size for a data unit that can be scheduled for transmission; identifying one of a number of potential transport blocks, ...

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A set of power control step size increments are determined such that at least two step size increments differ from one another. The set is sent to a Mobile Station MS. A first power command to the MS informs of a first power for a uplink data transmission on a radio resource (E-DPDCH). To change pow ...