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A serial bus control method, apparatus, and system for transmitting signals between a master controller and a slave controller associated with a power regulator are disclosed. The serial bus control scheme allows for information to be written to or read from individual regulators or be written to re ...

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A method, apparatus, and system for routing signals in a microelectronic device are disclosed. The system includes a plurality of chip components, such as transient suppression regulators, that are configured to include a transmission path that is routed through the chip component for transmission o ...


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The chip-to-board (or chip-to-MCM) connection assembly and method therefor features a semiconductor chip (

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Disclosed is a multi-phase pulse width modulated voltage regulator and method in which transient voltage excursions or deviations that exceed the load line voltage by more than a pre-determined amount are detected by an ATR circuit and a correction signal is applied. The correction signal is in the ...

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An apparatus for the deposition of a variable thickness coating onto the inside of a cylindrical tube comprises a variable pressure gas, an cathode coaxially positioned within the cylinder, and a voltage source applied between the cathode and cylindrical tube, which functions as an anode. A radial p ...

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A gas generating system comprises an air separation module (ASM) in fluid communication with a nitrogen enriched air (NEA) line and an oxygen enriched air (OEA) line. A valve is positioned in the OEA line and an oxygen sensor is positioned in the NEA line. The valve can be modulated in response to t ...

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The present invention includes a system and method for improving phase selection using a phase selector system. An exemplary phase selector system of the present invention includes a high speed phase selector having control logic, XOR gates, and a selector. The control logic uses Gray coding to gene ...

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Disclosed is a fine resolution pulse width generator for use in a multiphase pulse width modulated voltage regulator. The fine pulse width is generated by first generating a pulse with a coarse pulse width and one or more delayed replicas thereof. Then, digitally controlled analog interpolators are ...

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A dual loop (PLL/DLL) data synchronization system and method for plesiochronous systems is provided. In particular, a system and method for dual loop data synchronization using a granular FIFO fill level indicator is provided. A dual loop data serializer includes a phase lock loop (PLL) and a delaye ...