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A continuous prepn. process for (meth)acrylic acid alkyl esters in a homogeneous, liq., organic solvent-free phase, comprises the following steps : (1) a 1-8C monovalent alcohol and (meth)acrylic acid are reacted in a mol. ratio of 1-2:1 at high temp. in the presence of sulphuric acid or an organic ...

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In the decomposition of aromatic nitro compound(s) (I) in waste liquor with pH 7-14 by heating to 150-350 deg C and 10-300 bar, at least one of (I) has no hydroxyl (OH) group on the aromatic ring.

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The continuous prodn. of alkyl(meth)acrylates (I) by the reaction of (meth)acrylic acid (II) and 1-8C monohydric alcohols (III) in homogeneous liq. phase at elevated temp. in the absence of solvent and in presence of an acid esterification catalyst (IV). The process comprises (a) feeding (II), (III) ...

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Amines are prepared from olefins and ammonia or primary or secondary amines at temperatures between 80 DEG C and 400 DEG C and at pressures between 40 and 700 bar in the presence of a Cr-containing borosilicate or Cr-containing iron silicate zeolite of the pentasil type as a catalyst. The amine obta ...

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Verfahren zum Abbau von aromatischen Nitroverbindungen in Abwässern von Anlagen zur Herstellung von Nitrobenzol durch Behandlung mit Salpetersäure, wobei man bei 180 bis 350 DEG C und einem Druck von 40 bis 250 bar arbeitet.

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In the esterification of (meth)acrylic acid with an alkanol in the presence of an acid esterification catalyst, unreacted staring materials and the (meth)acrylic ester formed are separated by distillation and a sump product containing oxy-esters is separated, vapourised and cracked at high temperatu ...

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Process for de-odourising waste water (effluent) which has an unpleasant odour caused by organic sulphur compounds, characterised in that the waste water is treated with a concentration of free nitric acid of 1 - 30% by weight, preferably 2 - 10% by weight, under a pressure of 2 to 100 bar, preferab ...

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Verfahren zur Herstellung von Nicotinsäureamid durch Amidierung einer Nicotinsäure/Nicotinsäureamidschmelze, Vakuumdestillation des Amidierungsgemisches, Gewinnung des Nicotinsäureamids als Bodenabzug und Rückführung des bezüglich Nicotinsäureamid abgereicherten Kopfprodukts in die Amidierungsstufe ...

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Verfahren zur Herstellung von 2-Methylpentandiol-(2,4) durch Hydrierung von Diacetonalkohol bei erhöhter Temperatur in Gegenwart eines Katalysators, der aus der Verbindung der Formel Ni6Al2(OH)16CO3. 4H2o durch Kalzinierung erhalten wurde.

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Benzyl bisthiophosphates of the formula in which R denotes a branched or unbranched alkyl radical having up to 3 carbon atoms, R denotes a halogen atom and R denotes a butyl radical a processes for their preparation and their use for pest controlling.