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Test device for detecting low concentrations of substances in test fluids comprising an absorbent wick having a substantially flat surface portion enclosed in a fluid impervious sheath having an aperture of predetermined limited area formed therein, the aperture being contiguous to and exposing a pr ...

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Die Erfindung betrifft ein kosmetisches Präparat, insbesondere ein Pyridoxintripalmitat enthaltendes Präparat mit antiseborrhoischer Wirkung, das dadurch gekennzeichnet ist, dass es als Solubilisator ein Aminoxyd der allgemeinen Formel worin R1 Alkyl mit 16-20 Kohlenstoffatomen und R2 und R3 Hydroxy ...

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Underwater wells are drilled with equipment which can be guided from a floating vessel to an underwater well and locked in place to facilitate moving equipment to and from the well during drilling and completion operations.

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An improved riser structure for use in transporting drilling mud to a floating drilling vessel from a submarine wellhead. The riser structure is defined principally of essentially rigid riser ducting within the length of which, and preferably closer to the vessel than to the wellhead, is disposed a ...

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Apparatus for completing a well drilled into a formation under a body of water comprising a casing in the well, means sealing the casing exterior to the formation, a buoyantly supported floating vessel, a tubular conduit, elongated guide means extending from the bottom of the water body to the surfa ...

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A method for the early diagnosis of breast, lung, pancreatic and colon growths and cancers as well as conditions associated with donor and recipient organ transplants, both before and after transplantation to identify and allow treatment of possible transplanted organ rejection and other disease con ...

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Metal ions can be determined colorimetrically by using a semipermeable polymeric membrane containing a chelating agent and a solvent therefor, which chelating agent changes color upon contact with the metal ions being determined.

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A fluid condition monitor suitable for real time monitoring of a fluid in a fluid system such as on-board vehicle monitoring of engine oil and transmission fluid to determine contamination. A capacitive spaced array electrode probe is immersed in the fluid and an oscillating voltage is applied at a ...

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A tag-based user interface scheme for digitizing and processing hardcopy documents utilizes a sticker (110) that includes a printed data code representative of a user identity code (118) and a service code (112). When the sticker is applied to a hardcopy document and scanned, the sticker is located, ...

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A computer has an AC power outlet, preferably a standard AC outlet, into which periperhal devices, such as video monitors, can be plugged. It can turn this outlet on and off under program control, preferably by writing an outlet control signal to an I/O port which controls the outlet. A activity mon ...