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A patient medication use compliance aid which enables the users to readily ascertain the time at which they took a previous dose of medication. A time keeping device is incorporated into a typical container for medicinal products without the need for complicated container construction or complex mec ...

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Apparatus for use in inhaling pharmaceutical aerosols. The apparatus comprises a mouthpiece for supplying a pharmaceutical composition to the mouth of a patient, a rigid chamber for holding the aerosol prior to inhalation, the rigid chamber having orifices to limit the flow of air therethrough, and ...

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An apparatus for use in inhaling pharmaceutical aerosols. The apparatus includes a mouthpiece and a rigid housing for receiving an aerosolized medicine. The rigid housing has one or more orifices which are spaced from the mouth piece so that flow through the housing is possible but is limited by the ...

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Improved, compact apparatus for use in inhaling pharmaceutical aerosols. The apparatus increases aerosol deposition to the bronchiolus while it limits deposition in the oropharynx. The volumetric flow rate is limited by the use of orifices in the far end of the rigid holding chamber. The invention i ...

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A non-contacting volume determination method for use on wounds, having a known pattern of lines optically projected onto the volume to be determined. The image of the projection viewed from an angle other than the projection axis, along with the image of a reference volume located near the volume to ...

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A holding device for medication containers of essentially any size or shape provides the patient with the last time the medicine was taken and includes a housing with a cylindrical cup shape opening with a micro switch member extending through an access opening into the cavity form one side of the o ...

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A Peltier effect thermal control sample containment means for an automatic sample holding apparatus used in conjunction with a liquid chromatograph analysis. The apparatus provides for the cooling or heating of a plurality of liquid chromatography samples and the maintenance of said samples at speci ...

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An apparatus for filling finely powdered material into a long and narrow cavity or hole having a relatively small opening is provided. The apparatus features a discharge port for a particulate laden gas stream directed toward the opening of the hole to be filled but spaced apart from the opening of ...

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A self-calibrating star tracker in which a light signal source located on the detector is reflected into the optics and redirected from the optics back onto the detector. In this manner, movement of the detector or optics from a known position can be sensed and calibration of the instrument can be c ...

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An improved integrating accelerometer having a plurality of proof masses adapted to move relative to a casing in response to accelerations of the casing, a temperature compensated damping mechanism, and fluid resistors for extending the temperature operating range and for calibrating.