Barrie F Regan: Stent for use following balloon angioplasty. Limbach Limbach & Sutton, January 3, 1989: US04795458 (383 worldwide citation)

A stent for implanting in a blood vessel following balloon angioplasty to prevent restenosis. The stent is a helical coil of a shape memory alloy tape or wire. The coil has a diameter less than that of the blood vessel in which it is to be implanted. The tape or wire has previously been wound to for ...

Barrie F Regan, Brent F Regan: Method and system for deploying shape memory prostheses with heated fluid. Regan Stent, Townsend and Townsend and Crew, November 2, 1999: US05976152 (29 worldwide citation)

A system for delivering shape memory alloy prosthesis includes a catheter, a fluid injector and a controller. The catheter includes a fluid lumen coupled to the fluid injector and one or more openings at its distal end which are at least partially disposed beneath the prosthesis. The catheter furthe ...

Barrie F Regan: Apparatus for breaking semiconductor wafers and the like. Limbach Limbach & Sutton, March 31, 1987: US04653680 (21 worldwide citation)

Apparatus and method for breaking a scribed semiconductor wafer and the like. The apparatus includes a wafer support which is movable with respect to a breaker arm having a knife-edge. The breaker arm is actuated pneumatically or by other similar means to impart a shock or impulse to the wafer along ...

Barrie F Regan: Cutting wheel. Limbach Limbach & Sutton, December 25, 1979: US04180048 (20 worldwide citation)

An improved cutting wheel for dicing semiconductor wafers is described. The cutting blade of the wheel is a thin disc consisting of finely divided abrasive particles embedded in a nickel matrix. The surface of the nickel is overlaid with a thin layer of chromium which is electrolytically deposited o ...


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