Harwood William H, Banks William P: Removal of molecular halogen from solution by passage through a membrane. Continental Oil Company, June 27, 1972: US3673067 (5 worldwide citation)

A method for removing molecules of a halogen from a solution thereof by passing the molecules into or through a membrane of polyolefinic material. The halogen molecules enter and become dissolved in the material of the polyolefinic membrane, and may be transferred through the membrane by imposing a ...

McDonald Edward Harvey, Banks William P: Cathodic process for the preparation of tetraalkyl lead compounds. February 8, 1972: US3640802

The present invention relates to a process for the preparation of tetraalkyl lead compounds wherein the anolyte comprises a solution of tetrabutyl ammonium bromide or tetrabutyl phosphonium bromide in water. In this process bromine is produced at the anode and forms a precipitate with the tetrabutyl ...


Martin Larry D, Banks William P: Methode de passivation des surfaces metalliques, Passivating metal surfaces. Halliburton Company, July 8, 1980: CA1081096

Abstract of the Disclosure A method for passivating acid-cleaned ferrousmetal surfaces is disclosed. The method features theuse of an aqueous passivating solution having a pH ofgreater than about 8, comprising a base, an oxygen con-taining gas, and one of hydrazine, an iron complexingagent and mixtu ...