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In the anti-two block device, a non-contact measuring device (10) detects in one form or another the distance between a boom nose (60) and a load-bearing member (40) supported thereby. If the distance detected is less than a predetermined threshold value, the device (10) triggers a warning or other ...


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Composite cellulosic materials having improved strength and water resistance properties are produced from substrates which have been treated with a solution of a polyfunctional isocyanate. Process is preferably employed in the production of chipboard and fibreboard. The preferred reagents are soluti ...

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1,248,410. Ships' derricks. TESTING ASSOCIATES Inc. 19 Dec., 1968, No. 60523/68. Heading B8B. A derrick for a ship includes a hollow mast 10 and a fixed housing 11 with sides 11A, 11B carrying a pair of topping lift arms 20, 21 independently rotatable on supports 32 to which they are pivoted on supp ...

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A corrosion-resistant electrode is made by treating platinum in a fused bath of an oxidizing salt of potassium e.g. KNO3 or KClO3 whereby a coating of platinum oxide is formed thereon. The platinum body may be pre-coated with Pt black, and then immersed in fused KNO3 at 400 DEG C. for up to 12 or 24 ...


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The present application provides methods and compositions for improving cognitive function and enhancing mental performance in subjects, including those suffering from memory deficiencies, by regulating the activity of beta amyloid (A&bgr;) in the brain of such subjects.

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Antisense nucleic acids, compositions and methods are provided for modulating the expression of an amyloid beta protein (AβP) portion of the amyloid precursor protein (APP) coding sequence. The compositions comprise antisense antisense nucleic acids targeted to nucleic acids encoding amyloid precurs ...


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A hot debossing stamper for a report or book cover workpiece includes a print engine having a logo die forcer. In printing with a logo die, the logo die is mounted in a die holder and a loader-unloader tool articulates the holder and mounted die into the print engine under the logo die forcer. The d ...