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A graphical data device employing a stylus moving over an area to be digitized and utilizing a fast rise time sound energy shock wave, generated by a spark at the location of the stylus and propagated through the air for providing coordinate information as to the instantaneous position of the spark. ...

Whetstone Albert, Fine Samuel, Banks William, Phillips Stanely: Spark pen. Science Accessories Corporation, December 7, 1971: US3626483 (16 worldwide citation)

A writing stylus for use as a graphical-input terminal for digital computers. The stylus will produce a fast rise time shock energy sound wave generated by a spark detectable by coordinately placed microphones, at the instant the spark is produced can be determined and recorded in digital form.

Banks William B: Method of and apparatus for measuring mass of a material. Automation Products, June 8, 1971: US3583209 (12 worldwide citation)

A method of and apparatus for measuring the mass of a material in a fluid by use of a vibratory U-shaped hollow body, and more particularly measuring the total mass of a material in a fluid and measuring the amount of different sized material particles. Supporting the legs of a U-shaped body adjacen ...

Banks William B: Vibrating method and apparatus for determining the physical properties of material. Automation Products, September 7, 1971: US3603137 (10 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for determining the physical properties of a material by a vibratory material sensing device in which the area of the sensing device is different in a first direction than in a second direction and in which the material sensing device is vibrated in the first direction and the ...


Banks William D: Noyau en plastique pour rouleaux de papier ou autres, Plastic core for paper rolls or the like. Banks William D, July 24, 1979: CA1059095 (6 worldwide citation)

ABSTRACT A plastics core for use in a paper or plasticsheet roll, e.g. for a cash register or the likepaper rolls, is produced by cutting an indeterminatelength of an extrusion molded, unitary, tubularstructure to a predetermined length. The tube or thecore comprises two concentric, radially spaced, ...

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A method for removing molecules of a halogen from a solution thereof by passing the molecules into or through a membrane of polyolefinic material. The halogen molecules enter and become dissolved in the material of the polyolefinic membrane, and may be transferred through the membrane by imposing a ...

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The protection system for outriggers of a chassis includes a non-contact distance measuring device (315, 340), associated with at least one of the outriggers (310, 330) and the chassis (300, 320), mounted on one of the outriggers (310, 330)and the chassis (300, 320). The non-contact distance measuri ...

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1,143,050. Measuring physical properties electrically. AUTOMATION PRODUCTS Inc. July 17, 1967 [July 22, 1966], No.32794/67. Heading G1N. In apparatus for measuring e.g. viscosity, density &c. of a fluid by the frequency or amplitude of vibration of a rod protruding through a support in a wall of the ...

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Composite cellulosic materials having improved strength and water resistance properties are produced from substrates which have been treated with a solution of a polyfunctional isocyanate. Process is preferably employed in the production of chipboard and fibreboard. The preferred reagents are soluti ...