Banko Anton, Kelman Charles D: Material removal apparatus and method employing high frequency vibrations. Cavitron Corporation, June 29, 1971: US3589363 (450 worldwide citation)

An instrument for breaking apart and removal of unwanted material, especially suitable for surgical operations such cataract removal, including a handheld instrument having an operative tip vibrating at a frequency in the ultrasonic range with an amplitude controllable up to several thousandths of a ...

Banko Anton: Apparatus for removing blood clots, cataracts and other objects from the eye. Surgical Design, May 15, 1973: US3732858 (391 worldwide citation)

The invention deals with surgical instrumentation for the removal of generally foreign objects from the eye, including blood clots and the lens of the eye, by inserting a pair of jaws for engaging the object and removing portions thereof as required by movement of the jaws relative to each other.

Banko Anton: Surgical instruments. Darby & Darby, October 29, 1974: US3844272 (314 worldwide citation)

Surgical instrument for taking tissue specimens in which a pair of coaxial tubular members are provided which are formed to have a tissue specimen receiving or flow compartment or provisions for holding the tissue. Each of the tubular members has a cutting or a holding edge and suction is provided t ...

Banko Anton: Ultrasonic surgical instrument. Surgical Design, Darby & Darby, April 23, 1974: US3805787 (210 worldwide citation)

Surgical instrument using ultrasonic energy which are to operate upon tissue including arrangements for shielding ultrasonic transducer probe to prevent energy from being radiated into unwanted areas which also include provisions for applying irrigation fluid and/or suction pressure to desired locat ...

Banko Anton: System for controlling fluid and suction pressure. Surgical Design, Mortimer Harvey W, May 28, 1974: US3812855 (154 worldwide citation)

A system for controlling pressurized fluid and suction pressure to be supplied to an instrument, such as an instrument for performing surgical operations. The system permits a variety of flow configurations to the instrument including either pressurized fluid or suction pressure alone or combination ...

Banko Anton: Ultrasonic transducers. Surgical Design Corporation, Darby & Darby, December 30, 1975: US3930173 (67 worldwide citation)

Ultrasonic transducers which are constructed to have an outer shell surrounding a portion of the acoustic transformer of the transducer to serve as a vibration damper and also as part of the transducer structure. The shell is attached at a region near the node of the transformer to control the quant ...

Banko Anton: Surgical system for controlling the infusion of fluid to and the evacuation of fluid and material from an operating field. Darby & Darby, November 18, 1975: US3920014 (59 worldwide citation)

A system for controlling the infusion of fluid to an operating field at a selected predetermined pressure, as a counterpart to an instrument for severing material from an object in the field, and for evacuating the severed material from the field in a suspension or emulsion of the infusion fluid. Th ...

Banko Anton: Method for performing surgical procedures on the eye. Surgical Design Corporation, May 2, 1972: US3659607 (49 worldwide citation)

The method relates to performing surgical procedures on the eye in vivo, including forming of an opening therein to permit the insertion of instrumentation within the eye for various procedures.

Banko Anton: Ultrasonic apparatus for retinal reattachment. Surgical Design Corporation, November 9, 1971: US3618594 (41 worldwide citation)

The method and apparatus relate to performing surgical operations on the eye in vivo, including retina reattachment by the insertion of an ultrasonic probe within the eye.

Parisi Tulio, Banko Anton: Ultrasonic brush. Cavitron, June 10, 1970: GB1194562-A

1,194,562. Toothbrushes. CAVITRON CORP. 12 Aug., 1967, No. 37145/67. Heading A4K. In an interchangeable brush head for an ultrasonic tooth-cleaning implement, the bristle tufts 26b, d are retained in their sockets 16b, d, which may be either blind or open at both ends by an adhesive 35b. A hard epox ...