Kiselev Anatoly Efimovich, Mgebrishvili Nadar Nikolaevich, Rokva Marlen Mikhailovich, Makhatadze Iosif Konstantinovich, Kakhiani Shalva Viktorovich, Oganov Sergei Ivanovich, Bakuradze Georgy Valeryanovich, Badalov Petr Mikhailovich: Apparatus for freezing nucleus-containing cells and other biological materials. March 14, 1972: US3648475 (2 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for freezing nucleus-containing cells and other biological materials comprising a refrigerant vessel connected to a freezing chamber and furnished with a forced-feed system for refrigerant delivery to the freezing chamber. In the apparatus, provision is made for a regulator coupled to a ...



Kharatishvili Guram Levanovich, Gaprindashvili Khanzerifa Iliinichna, Evstropiev Konstantin Konstantinovich, Kogan Vadim Efimovich, Kekelia Dzhemal Ivanovich, Pronkin Alexei Alexeevich, Salukvadze Nana Artemovna, Bakuradze Georgy Valeryanovich: Divider of electrical signals. Institut Kibernetiki Akademii Nauk Gruzinskoi Ssr, THE USSR CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND, May 9, 1985: WO/1985/002058

The divider of electrical signals comprises a set of resistive elements, provided with current taps (3, 4), and current collectors (7), which are intended for the interaction with any of the current taps (3, 4). The resistive elements are fabricated as blocks (2) from glass, each of them having a gi ...