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Methods of monitoring and evaluating the status of a tumor undergoing treatment includes monitoring in vivo at least one physiological parameter associated with a tumor in a subject undergoing treatment, transmitting data from an in situ located sensor to a receiver external of the subject, analyzin ...

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The information available to a driver of a vehicle is greatly expanded using wireless communications (e.g., using Bluetooth wireless communication devices). In one embodiment, information regarding an adjacent vehicle such as a brake light, a turn light, speed, distance, direction, etc., is transmit ...

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A technique and apparatus to allow a digital search of the entries in a digital audio database such as the Flash memory of a telephone answering system, the hard drive of a voice messaging system, the audio tracks on a compact disk, a cassette tape, a digital video disk (DVD), a videotape, etc. In o ...

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Calibration of in vivo oxygen and pH sensor systems can be performed by generating a constituent element of an environment proximate to an in vivo sensor electrode via an in vivo generating electrode and determining a level of the constituent element in the tissue via the in vivo sensor electrode. A ...

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A multiple agent system providing each of a plurality of agents, e.g., processors, to access a shared synchronous or asynchronous memory. In the case of synchronous memory, the clock signal from a super agent selected from among the plurality of agents provides a memory access clock signal to the ot ...

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Apparatus and processes to allow a user of a voice messaging system such as a telephone answering device to delete only selected portions of a recorded voice message and/or to save only selected portions of a recorded voice message. A recorded voice message is marked and delineated into separate por ...

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A voice messaging system such as a telephone answering device which allows automatic identification and tagging of a voice clip portion of a full voice message which contains a spoken telephone number (e.g., a call back number). The voice clip may be tagged for later playback separate from playback ...

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Described herein are systems and methods for normalizing data without the use of external controls. Also described herein are systems and methods for analyzing cluster data, such as genotyping data, using an artificial neural network.

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A mesh clock distribution system for reducing errors in synchronous systems caused by clock skew. The mesh clock distribution apparatus includes a mesh and a set of delivery conductors coupling a clock source to the mesh. Tile mesh is formed of a set of signal paths that interconnect at a set of nod ...

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The invention is a method and apparatus for controlling electronic devices from a remote location. The method and apparatus utilizes a remote control device which receives and transmits voice commands as electrical signals to at least one controlled device having a recognition processor which conver ...