Ayers Peter G: Process for forming absorbent paper by imprinting a semi-twill fabric knuckle pattern thereon prior to final drying and paper thereof. The Procter & Gamble Company, Linman E Kelly, Braun Frederick H, Gorman John V, September 16, 1975: US3905863 (120 worldwide citation)

A low-density, soft, bulky and absorbent paper sheet exhibiting a diamond-shaped pattern in its surface after creping, said paper being characterized by having a cross-directional stretch of from about 3.5 percent to about 6 percent, as well as improved softness, surface feel and drape, said paper s ...

Ayers Peter G, Raley John M: Non tisse a zones de motifs densifies impregnees de liant, et methode de fabrication du non tisse, Pattern densified fibrous web having spaced, binder impregnated high density zones, and method of making such a web. The Procter & Gamble Company, GOWLING LAFLEUR HENDERSON, October 11, 1983: CA1155007

PATTERN DENSIFIED FIBROUS WEB HAVING SPACED, BINDER IMPREGNATED HIGH DENSITY ZONES, AND METHOD OF MAKING SUCH A WEB ABSTRACT A soft, pattern densified fibrous web such as a paper sheet which web generally comprises a relatively low bond, high bulk, vaulted field and a patterned array of spaced zones ...

Ayers Peter G, Hensler Thomas A, Trokhan Paul D: Courroie pour la fabrication du papier, a motif semi-continu; le papier ainsi obtenu, Papermaking belt having semicontinuous pattern and paper made thereon. The Procter & Gamble Company, SIM & MCBURNEY, March 3, 1994: CA2142606

A secondary belt for papermaking. The belt has a frame-work of protuberances (20) arranged in a semicontinuous pattern to provide a semicontinuous pattern of deflection conduits (40). The semicontinuous pattern is distingushed from the discrete and continuous patterns of the prior art. The protubera ...