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The present invention contemplates an improved multiplier circuit and method for reducing power consumption by reducing the number of transitions to the input of the multiplier. Each input to the multiplier is fixed for as long as possible by reordering the sequence of the multiplications to take ad ...

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A method and apparatus for re-generating debug commands is provided comprising a source program having embedded debug commands in a first distinguishable field, and an assembler. The assembler operates on the source code extracting the embedded debug commands and associated address information from ...

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A repeat-bit based system and method for executing zero overhead loops, or repeat loops, in an information processing chip that does not require a repeat end register or a dedicated comparator. Executing repeat loops requires a processor to iterate N times a code fragment of loop instructions. All s ...

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The current invention provides a digital signal processor which supports multiple X-DSL protocols and a multiplicity of channels on a single chip. Each channel is packetized and each packet includes control information for controlling the performance of the components/modules on the transmit and rec ...

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A modulo addition circuit generates a sequence of values within a specified range having a lower bound value and an upper bound value. The modulo addition circuit generates a first value by adding a displacement value to a previously defined starting value, and generates a second value by adding to ...

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The current invention provides a DSP which accommodates multiple current X-DSL protocols and is further configurable to support future protocols. The DSP is implemented with shared and dedicated hardware components on both the transmit and receive paths. The DSP implements both the discrete Fourier ...

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A system and method that implement a butterfly operation for a fast fourier transform operation in a processor using a matrix-vector-multiply instruction. A first set of inputs to the butterfly operation are defined as r1+j i1 and r2+j i2, and a twiddle factor Wn is defined as Wn=e

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A transceiver for communicating a multi-tone modulated communication channel on a subscriber line. The transceiver includes: a digital signal processor (DSP) with a Fourier transform module and an analog front end (AFE). The DSP determines an available range of frequencies on the subscriber line and ...

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A bundler, un-bundler and sequencer for use in controlling and driving opposing sets of logical or physical modems to drive multiple-subscriber lines with multiple communication channels. The sequencer determines subscriber requirements such as maximum and minimum bandwidth and quality of service. T ...

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A modem configured to couple to a communication medium for establishing a communication channel thereon. The modem includes an interleaver component configurable as to interleaver parameters ‘I, D’ corresponding to block length and depth respectively. An interleaver memory buffers the communication ...