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A container closure assembly comprising a rigid lid and a separately formed flexibly resilient sealing member mounted to the lid and moveable with the lid between closed and open positions relative to the container. Rocking lugs are integrally formed with either the lid or the seal member for a rock ...

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A container closure comprising a rigid lid and a separably formed flexibly resilient seal mounted thereto. The lid includes a top panel with a depending annular flange. The seal includes a solid central panel with an upwardly directed integral flange peripherally thereabout and receiving the lid fla ...

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A container for food processing including an upwardly opening receptacle with a cover selectively sealed thereto and retained by pivotally mounted handles including outer retention bars which downwardly engage against the cover and include depending clips which lock beneath lugs on the receptacle. T ...

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A humidifier having a lighted water tank. A lamp illuminates the tank so that the water level of the tank is visible from across the room. The lamp may extend into a lens, which in one embodiment is faceted to aid in dispersing light into the tank. The illuminated tank may also serve as a night ligh ...

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A hair dryer assembly having a night light is comprised of a housing configured to be hand-held. A motor and heating coils are carried within the housing. A light source is disposed on the housing. A circuit provides electrical power to the motor, heating coils, and light.

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A kit comprising a lunchbox and a carrying pouch slidably receiving the lunchbox therein. The lunchbox includes a container and cover with the cover including a recess receiving eating utensils. One eating utensil includes a projecting locking button releasably received within a pouch aperture for l ...

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An adjustable carrier for multiple stacked containers, the carrier including a lower collar positionable peripherally about and lockably engagable with the lowermost container, an upper collar engagable about the uppermost container in cover retaining relationship therewith, and multiple straps enga ...

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A container encircling frame with opposed pairs of resiliently deformable straps extending therefrom. Each pair of straps mounts an elongated handle element transversely across the outer ends thereof, the two handle elements, upon a releasable interlocking thereof, defining a single handle or hand g ...

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A reconfigurable toy simulates a school bus when assembled in a first configuration. In a second configuration the constituent components of the toy bus may be selectively arranged to simulate a schoolroom enclosure having figurines and simulated school desks positioned therewithin. The components o ...

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Systems (100) and methods (2800) for operating a hot beverage brewer. The methods include receiving a brew basket of a plurality of interchangeable brew baskets (900, 1400, 1800) within a basket chamber (402) of the hot beverage brewer. At least two of the plurality of interchangeable brew baskets a ...