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An input sentence described by a first natural language is sectioned into individual words. Parts of speech corresponding to the individual words are retrieved from a lexical word storage, whereby the input sentence is described by a corresponding string of the parts-of-speech as retrieved. A transl ...

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A method and an apparatus for generating/maintaining automatically or interactively a lexicon for storing information of cooccurrence relations utilized for determining whether or not a sequence of words in a given sentence described in a natural language is semantically correct with the aid of a me ...

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A machine translation system comprises input means for inputting a sentence written in a natural language, processor for parsing the input sentence, a word dictionary memory referred to by the processor, and a memory for storing multiple-parts-of-speech disambiguating rules in the form of a table. T ...

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A machine translation system capable of performing translation at a high processing speed with improved disambiguation rate in the parsing by applying grammar rules in dependence on the domains to which texts to be translated belong, objects of the texts and rules of sentences in the same text. The ...

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An automatic translation method between natural languages comprises assigning parts of speech to words/idioms of an input text sentence by looking up a lexicon storage. The input text sentence in the form of string of parts of speech is segmented into phrasal elements as minimum units having linguis ...

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A self-heat generating type honeycomb filter is mounted in an exhaust pipe line of an engine, and a plane plate and a corrugated plate are layered, then wound, and the first slit portion and second slit portion having openings, respectively, are formed between an up-stream and down stream side end p ...

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In a method of translating a text described by a first language into a text described by a second language, words/idioms appearing in the first language text are managed as data sorted in accordance with a predetermined order, in such a manner that individual identification numbers are provided to t ...

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A machine translation system for mechanically translating a first language into a second language which displays series of questions in the first language on a display screen of a display device. A user sequentially answers the questions for the translation system mainly in the first language. The t ...

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Additive is supplied to the lubricating oil by an additive supplying pump according to TBN of the lubricating oil which is detected by a TBN sensor which detects the current produced by the impressed voltage. TBN is kept between 0 and 2.