Assaf Govari, Maier Fenster: Pressure-sensing stent. Biosense, Paul A Coletti, Louis J Capezzuto, April 25, 2000: US06053873 (300 worldwide citation)

Implantable apparatus for measuring a fluid flow in the body of a subject, including a stent, having a generally cylindrical radial outer wall and a central lumen. A flow parameter sensor is fixed to the stent, and measures a parameter relating to a rate of blood flow through the stent. A transmitte ...

Assaf Govari: Digital wireless position sensor. Biosense Webster, Ladas and Parry, July 8, 2008: US07397364 (291 worldwide citation)

A method is provided for tracking an object, including positioning a radio frequency (RF) driver to radiate an RF driving field toward the object, and fixing to the object a wireless transponder that includes a power coil and at least one sensor coil. The method also includes receiving the RF drivin ...


Assaf Govari: Electromagnetic position single axis system. Biosense, Frederick L Herman, Louis J Capezzuto, November 19, 2002: US06484118 (213 worldwide citation)

A system for determining the position of a medical device having a sensor comprises a plurality of field radiators wherein each field radiator has a plurality of radiator elements. Each radiator element generates a magnetic field such that each magnetic field is distinct from one another due to the ...

Assaf Govari, Andres Claudio Altmann, Michael Levin: Transponder with overlapping coil antennas on a common core. Biosense Webster, Louis J Capezzuto, February 7, 2006: US06995729 (195 worldwide citation)

A wireless device includes an antenna assembly, including a core and one or more power coils, wound around the core on respective power coil axes, including at least a first power coil having a first power coil axis. One or more signal coils are wound around the core on respective signal coil axes, ...

Assaf Govari: Miniaturized position sensor having photolithographic coils for tracking a medical probe. Biosense, Louis J Capezzuto, March 13, 2001: US06201387 (192 worldwide citation)

A miniature coil assembly for transmitting or receiving magnetic waves comprises a plurality of coils wherein each coil has a respective axis. The coil assembly is assembled such that at least two of the axes are mutually linearly independent, and such that all of the plurality of coils are containe ...

Yitzhack Schwartz, Assaf Govari, Uri Yaron, Marcia Leatham, Michael Levin: Radio frequency pulmonary vein isolation. Biosense, Louis J Capazzuto, November 9, 2004: US06814733 (187 worldwide citation)

A catheter introduction apparatus provides a radially expandable helical coil as a radiofrequency emitter. In one application the emitter is introduced percutaneously, and transseptally advanced to the ostium of a pulmonary vein. The emitter is radially expanded, which can be accomplished by inflati ...

Assaf Govari, Andres Claudio Altmann, Yitzhack Schwartz, Yaron Ephrath: Hybrid magnetic-based and impedance-based position sensing. Biosense Webster, Louis J Capezzuto, May 19, 2009: US07536218 (153 worldwide citation)

A position sensing system includes a probe adapted to be introduced into a body cavity of a subject. The probe includes a magnetic field transducer and at least one probe electrodes. A control unit is configured to measure position coordinates of the probe using the magnetic field transducer. The co ...

Assaf Govari, Andres Claudio Altmann, Yaron Ephrath: Robotically guided catheter. Biosense Webster, Louis J Capezzuto, July 3, 2012: US08214019 (152 worldwide citation)

Apparatus is provided for use with a steerable catheter that includes a thumb control adapted to control a deflection of a distal tip of the catheter. The apparatus includes a robot, including an end-effector, adapted to be coupled to the thumb control, and a controller, adapted to drive the end-eff ...

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