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A method for improved sector handoff within a sectorized communication cell utilizing a wireless communication systems. A sector handoff of a mobile radio telephone is performed in accordance with a first set of parameters if the mobile radio telephone is not in close proximity to a base antenna. Se ...

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Disclosed is an encoder, interleaver and splitter design approach for increasing system capacity. This is accomplished in a dual path embodiment by splitting the data stream into two subsets where one subset contains even number position bits of the original set and the other subset comprises the re ...

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When the frame rate changes from eighth rate to full rate, the power control process increases the

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The base station controller monitors the reverse link frame error rate of all the base stations involved in a soft hand-off with a radiotelephone. The average reverse link frame error rates of these base stations are then computed and the lowest of the average error rates is found. The last known tr ...

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System and method for optimally updating a neighbor set for use by a mobile unit during soft handoff of the mobile unit in a CDMA cellular telephone environment is disclosed. A two-step process is used to ensure that the individual neighbor sets of active set members are combined in a manner such th ...

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A pre-determined negative constant is utilized in soft handoff mode to permit a new pilot signal to be added to an wireless phone's active set. The negative constant is combined with the weakest pilot signal in the active set and then compared to the new pilot signal strength which allows the n ...

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A method and apparatus to dynamically control selectable vocoder rates in a CDMA network to optimally improve forward and reverse link capacity as necessary. To improve capacity, a number of vocoder rates are used, each requiring a different average data rate and providing a different level of voice ...

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A configuration of base stations and sectors within cells of a CDMA wireless communication network provide greater call handling capacity. By optimally configuring sectors of a cell controlled by multiple base stations, fewer channel elements are required to implement the desired service and a resul ...

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A method for controlling unnecessary power increases and call drop during discontinuous transmission (DTX) mode of a frame-based transmission system. The method comprises the steps of (1) detecting, at a receiver end of the transmission system a status of a transmitted frame indicating one of two po ...

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The power control process switches between IS-95 forward power control and fast forward power control using either speed or hand-off status information from the mobile radiotelephone. If the received information indicates either a slower speed or the number of communication links is less than a pred ...