Ashida Kaneyoshi: Blowing agents for isocyanurate foams and method for producing the same. Fischer Harry A, WEINTRAUB Arnold S, August 8, 1991: WO/1991/011478

A blend of liquid hydrocarbon and halogenated aliphatic hydrocarbon is used as a blowing agent. The blowing agent is particularly useful to replace chlorofluorocarbons as blowing agents in isocyanate-based foams.

Frisch Kurt C, Ashida Kaneyoshi: Reinforced foam composites. Polymetrics Corporation, HUESCHEN Gordon W, September 24, 1987: WO/1987/005541

A polyurethane foam of the rigid type having three different types of polyol components capable of having suspended therein fillers and reinforcing fibers. The foam is made into boards and the like and has continuous fiber glass strands or yarn disposed longitudinally in or adjacent the surface skin ...



Ashida Kaneyoshi: Nonhalogen foaming agent containing cyclic aliphatic hydrocarbon suitable as polymeric foam containing isocyanate as base. Nisshinbo, July 11, 1995: JP1995-173319

PURPOSE: To produce a polymeric foam, based on an isocyanate, having zero of ozone depletion coefficient, zero of global warming coefficient, good in expansion efficiency, thereby capable of providing a relatively low-density foam, excellent in compatibility with an expanding component and having a ...

Kashiwame Kiyoteru, Ashida Kaneyoshi: Open-cell rigid isocyanurate foam and its production. Asahi Glass, January 25, 1994: JP1994-016859

PURPOSE: To obtain an open-cell rigid isocyanurate foam excellent in flame retardancy and heat resistance and useful as a core material for a vacuum insulation material by expanding a mixture comprising an organic polyisocyanate and an organic polyol in a specified ratio. CONSTITUTION: The foam is p ...

Ashida Kaneyoshi, Frish Kurut Et Al: Preparation of polymer alloy and reastor injection molded products. Stamicarbon, July 1, 1988: KR1019850001932

Blends of polyamides and polyurethanes, polyureas, and/or polyisocyanurates are formed by reactor injection molding. The product is polymer alloy for automobil body panels. The process is an one-shot molding method.

Ashida Kaneyoshi, Ashtiani Zarandi Mansour: Self-reinforcing polyurethane composition. General Motors Corp &Lt Gm&Gt, August 17, 1992: JP1992-226523

PURPOSE: To provide an LCP reinforced polyurethane RIM material capable of being easily processed by reaction-injection molding process. CONSTITUTION: This liquid crystal polymer reinforced polyurethane RIM compsn. having excellent impact strength and flexural modulus is obtained by a reaction- inje ...