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This invention relates to flame-resistive, nonflammable foam compositions comprising a flame-resistive organic foam material and an inorganic filler. The flame-resistive organic foam material is produced by using an aromatic polyisocyanate having no ortho substituent, an active hydrogen-containing c ...

Ashida Kaneyoshi: Halogen-free blowing agents that include cycloaliphatic hydrocarbons and are suitable for isocyanate-based polymeric foams.. Nisshin Spinning, June 14, 1995: EP0657495-A1 (10 worldwide citation)

The mfr. uses a halogen-free organic liq. as a physical blowing agent for the foam. The organic liq. contains a positive azeotrope of min. b.pt. 15-80 deg.C at normal atmospheric pressure and comprises (a) a 5-7C cycloaliphatic hydrocarbon, and (b) a 4C aliphatic ether, a 2-5C aliphatic carboxylic a ...

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A polyurethane liquid crystal polymer-reinforced RIM composition having superior impact strength and flexural modulus is produced by a reaction-injection-moulding process. The chemistry involved in the preparation of this reinforced RIM material includes the simultaneous reaction and formation of a ...

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The invention concerns a process for preparing an N-substituted carbamoyl-lactam compound having the formula by reactively admixing a polyhydroxy compound having the formula R(OH)n and a polyisocyanate having the formula OCN-R min -NCO, wherein said n is an integer >/=3, R is the residual of a three ...


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The invention relates to a process for preparing a polymer alloy based upon at least one polyamide polymer, and at least one polymer of the group of polyurethane polymer, polyurea polymer and polyisocyanurate polymer. The invention further relates to a molded object comprising a polyamide polymer, a ...

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A polyurethane liquid crystal polymer-modified polyurethane foam composition (20) having superior impact strength and flexural modulus is produced by the simultaneous reaction and formation of a polyurethane liquid crystal polymer (18) and a polyurethane foam (16).


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Silicate esters which catalyse the formation of isocyanurates or isocyanaurate linkages in isocyanate condensation polymers have the formula wherein R1 is a C2-C4 alkylene radical and R2 is either a methyl or alkyl radical. The catalysts may be used to prepare polyurethanes, poly(isocyanurates) and ...

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An N-substituted carbamoyl-lactam compound of the formula wherein R is a radical derived from polytetramethyleneglycol R(OH)2 and represents the radical remaining from the polytetramethylene oxide starting material used in preparing polytetramethyleneglycol and has an equivalent weight of 300-2500, ...