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A point of sale system as illustrated comprised of a terminal with input or output devices including a manual data input, a coded data input (e.g., bar code scanner and/or smart card reader), an on-line display, and a hard copy output. A primary processing module has ten expansion connectors such th ...

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A hand-held data collection terminal unit includes an elongate housing having a lower portion supportable in the hand of a user and an upper portion facing such user when the terminal is in a typical use position. The upper portion includes a keyboard and a display screen. In accordance with the inv ...

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A portable, hand-held data collection terminal unit is of modular structure including among other modules a display screen module, a keyboard module and a base module, each of which may be chosen from a plurality of modules available for assembly into the terminal unit. Consequently, a wide combinat ...

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A portable data collection terminal has an elongate housing with a hand grip conforming rear surface. A front surface features a numerical keyboard adjacent a lower end of the housing and an LCD screen adjacent the keyboard toward an upper end of the housing. The display screen is of elongate rectan ...

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A method and apparatus for printing information. The printer including a paper feed motor, a carriage motor and a printer control system. The system causing the paper feed motor and the carriage motor to move at least partially simultaneously.

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A data capturing module combined with a portable data terminal of the hand-held type to record handwritten data. Using a digitized pad, the module can provide for direct input of handwritten data into the system, or a peripheral digital scanner can be employed to provide for data entry. Depending up ...

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A mobile customer service station operating within a wireless multi-hop communication network includes a console on a wheeled chassis. The console carries and houses a number of components which are used in merchandising operations to conclude customer purchase transactions. The items supported exte ...

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An integrated cable modem and cable television management system. The invention may include a stand alone device, a portable device, or a vehicle adapted device in various embodiments of the invention. The invention allows for two-way communication and interaction between a television service provid ...