Ulrich Klostermann
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Methods of manufacturing MTJ memory cells and structures thereof. A diffusion barrier is disposed between an anti-ferromagnetic layer and a pinned layer of an MTJ memory cell to improve thermal stability of the MTJ memory cell. The diffusion barrier may comprise an amorphous material or a NiFe alloy ...

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A tri-layer thin film magnetoresistive device using doped perovskite manganate thin films as ferromagnetic elements, wherein a current is transported through the tri-layer structure, is disclosed. A large magnetoresistance change of about a factor of two is obtained in a low magnetic field, less tha ...

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Conductive titanium silicide-containing films and composites comprising substrates and the film are produced by light induced chemical vapor deposition. The process eliminates the need to anneal the silicide film in order to produce a conductive film and overcomes the problem of substrate damage ass ...

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An optical process monitor primarily for use in laser wire bonding detects the reflectivity change of the wire being bonded in order to provide feedback control of the high power laser used for bonding the wire to a pad. A low power laser beam which is co-linear or combined with the high power laser ...

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A magnetic tunneling junction cell for use in memory and logic switching applications is formed with a first ferromagnetic layer, a second ferromagnetic layer, and an insulating layer interposed between said first and second ferromagnetic layers to form a magnetic tunnel junction element. The cell f ...

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A process for cheaply fabricating a substantially single crystal or a polycrystalline semiconductor structure on a host substrate. The process begins by depositing a layer of wide band gap nitride material

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A structure includes a metal nitride film of the form MN, where M is selected from the group consisting of Ga, In, AlGa, AlIn, and AlGaIn. The structure has at least one electrically conductive metal region that is formed within and from the metal nitride film by a thermal process driven by absorpti ...

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Laser etching of a substrate in a liquid is accomplished by laser induced sonic cavitation at the substrate surface. The preferred substrate is laser energy absorbing and has a finite melting temperature. The preferred liquid is an organic or inorganic inert liquid which does not chemically react wi ...

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A method for producing a patterned layer of high T.sub.c oxide superconductor is provided in which patterning is accomplished prior to the attainment of a superconducting state in the layer. A solution containing precursor components of the desired oxide superconductor is sprayed onto a substrate an ...

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A method of producing ultrafine powders comprising metal silicide powder and the products produced by the method are disclosed. The ultrafine powders comprising metal silicide powders are ideally suited to form stable colloidal suspensions which are used in the production of conductive metal silicid ...