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A radio system user (126) is alerted (129) as to the occurrence of a financial transaction by a customer (118). Data (122) is obtained from the customer (118) and used to identify a radio system user (126), who is authorized to conduct the financial transaction. A message, indicative of the financia ...

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Communication systems having dedicated communication resources are provided with receivers that monitor the communication resources of other communication systems, and roamers are preregistered in non-home systems. Using this infrastructure, a group call can be sourced in one system and relayed to r ...

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A method for allocating RF communication resources among RF communication systems. This allocation may be base strictly upon demand or it may be based upon the loading of an RF communication system or the relative loading among a group of RF communication systems.

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Shown, herein, is a method of allowing use of small, low-power communication systems within the service coverage area of larger trunked systems. The small, low-power systems are constructed to reuse at least some of the communication resources, also used by the larger system. The large system measur ...