Arthur M Harris: Specimen removal instrument. Oltman and Flynn, April 29, 1980: US04200111 (64 worldwide citation)

A medical instrument for removing specimens from the lungs includes scissor-like cutting jaws and a tube which can be advanced toward the jaws to close them and slide over them. The jaws are biased to an open position when extended beyond the open end of the tube and include lateral projections whic ...

Arthur M Harris: Inhalation device for encapsulated concentrates. Edward G Gomez, Salvatore G Militana, December 21, 1976: US03998226 (60 worldwide citation)

An inhalation device for encapsulated concentrates having a capsule piercing hypodermic needle, a mouthpiece and a cavity for receiving a capsule containing a granular medicant and the like, whereby the device is actuated to pierce the capsule to form a pair of aligned openings. An aerosol bottle is ...

Arthur M Harris: Hemorrhoidal device. Key Pharmaceuticals, Kenyon & Kenyon Reilly Carr & Chapin, February 24, 1976: US03939842 (40 worldwide citation)

A disposable rectal insert of plastic material chemically inert to body fluids encapsulating a freezable medium having a freezing point of about 0.degree. to 32.degree.F. The insert has a small bulbous end for rectal insertion which is collapsible upon melting of the medium and compensating dilation ...

Arthur M Harris: Reagent metering and delivery device. James E Brunton, April 19, 1988: US04738826 (16 worldwide citation)

A precision reagent metering and delivery device including a threaded, disposable reagent container adapted to be threadably interconnected with a threaded base. The reagent container is provided with a fluid passageway leading to the exterior thereof. Sealably mounted within the reagent container i ...

Arthur M Harris: Disposable mouth to mouth resuscitation device. Salvatore G Militana, Salvatore G Militana, May 18, 1976: US03957046 (16 worldwide citation)

A disposable mouth to mouth resuscitation device consisting of a pair of tubular members cemented together in end to end relation with a pair of valve discs in contact with each other interposed therebetween; one of the valve discs being rigid and the other flexible. Upon the person performing the r ...

Arthur M Harris: Helically coiled tube heat exchanger. General Atomic Company, Fitch Even Tabin Flannery & Welsh, August 18, 1981: US04284134 (6 worldwide citation)

In a heat exchanger such as a steam generator for a nuclear reactor, two or more bundles of helically coiled tubes are arranged in series with the tubes in each bundle integrally continuing through the tube bundles arranged in series therewith. Pitch values for the tubing in any pair of tube bundles ...

Arthur M Harris: Metered valve assembly for dispensing devices. December 6, 1977: US04061251 (2 worldwide citation)

A metered valve assembly for dispensing a predetermined volume of fluid from a receptacle containing fluid under pressure for each actuation of the dispensing apparatus having a valve chamber of predetermined capacity with a check valve controlling the flow of fluid under pressure from the receptacl ...