Arthur M Boone: Light deflector for use in illumination apparatus. Eastman Kodak Company, D M Woods, December 23, 1980: US04241392 (13 worldwide citation)

Light deflection apparatus is provided for use with apparatus for uniformly illuminating a planar original in which light rays emanating from a flash lamp are blocked from directly striking the original. The deflection apparatus includes a plurality of elongated reflective louvers juxtaposed in the ...

John F Bloemendaal, Arthur M Boone, Alexander B Zanolli: Illumination apparatus. Eastman Kodak Company, D M Woods, September 30, 1980: US04225923 (13 worldwide citation)

Illumination apparatus provides for uniform illumination of a planar original by use of a single flash lamp. A pair of parabolic reflectors partially surround the lamp and direct two separate collimated bundles of light toward opposite sides of the original. A planar reflector positioned in the path ...

John F Bloemendaal, Arthur M Boone: Gravity impelled transport for aligning an original in a copier. Eastman Kodak Company, David M Woods, January 15, 1980: US04183662 (1 worldwide citation)

A gravity impelled transport for moving an original to an exposure station in a photographic printer or copier and there aligning the original in a reference position for exposure. The transport includes an inclined chute defining first and second planar guides for supporting and directing the origi ...