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A rate adaptive cardiac rhythm management device in which the pacing rate is adjusted in accordance with changes in the patient's minute ventilation. An adaptive four-pole elliptic digital filter, preferably implemented in software, functions to attenuate any signal components due to cardiac activit ...

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A method for classifying cardiac arrhythmias by examining the atrial and ventricular activity of the heart. The atrial contraction rate and ventricular contraction rate are compared with each other when the ventricular rate exceeds a preset value. When the atrial rate exceeds the ventricular rate, t ...

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A cardiac pacer of the type having an implantable pulse generator and electrical leads deployed in the right ventricular chamber of the heart. The lead has a stimulating electrode as well as a plurality of sensing electrodes coupled to the pulse generator. Certain control circuitry associated with t ...

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A cardiac pacing and sensing system includes a body implantable unit for generating tissue stimulation pulses and manipulating information based on sensed signals, and a catheter for transmitting pulses from the unit to a pacing electrode adjacent myocardial tissue. The unit incorporates circuitry f ...

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A dual chamber pacemaker incorporating an adaptive PVARP for breaking pacemaker mediated tachycardia episodes and adjusting the PVARP interval in a way that reduces future incidences of PMT without extending PVARP beyond what is required.

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A encoding/decoding algorithm for storing cardiac cycle length data in a memory of a body implantable device. The data encoding is based on a Holter function for sequentially storing in addresses in memory data representative of cardiac cycle length intervals and data representative of changes in th ...

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A cardiac pacemaker having an automatic pulse rate response gain factor responsive to at least one cardiac-related physiological characteristic of a patient. The pacemaker includes a rate controller that comprises a detector for detecting a plurality of individual measurements of at least one physio ...

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An apparatus for outputting heart sounds includes an implantable system and an external system. The implantable system includes a sensor for generating sensed signals representing detected heart sounds, an interface circuit and a control circuit for receiving the sensed signals, generating data repr ...

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An implantable electronic circuit for monitoring a patient's aerobic capacity includes an accelerometer for detecting the onset and termination of a period of exercise and a means for measuring the patient's minute volume. By computing the time interval from the cessation of exercise to the point wh ...