Bob Ware
Arthur A Chin, Nick A Collins, Mohsen N Harandi, Robert T Thomson, Robert A Ware: Benzene reduction in gasoline by alkylation with higher olefins. Mobil Oil Corporation, A J McKillop, M D Keen, February 13, 1996: US05491270 (19 worldwide citation)

A benzene-rich gasoline stream is alkylated with higher olefins in contact with a fluid bed of shape selective zeolite catalyst to produce a gasoline product stream reduced in benzene content wherein the high octane value alkylaromatics formed by benzene alkylation are of low carbon number, essentia ...

Artie Chin
Arthur A Chin, Michael S Sarli: Metal passivating catalyst composition for cracking hydrocarbons. Mobil Oil, Alexander J McKillop, Charles J Speciale, Robert B Furr Jr, May 1, 1990: US04921824 (14 worldwide citation)

An improved composition and method for passivating vanadium on or in a catalytic cracking catalyst during the process of catalytic cracking of hydrocarbons is described. The improved method comprises mixing discrete particles of lanthanum oxide and, optionally, other rare earth oxides along with the ...

Bob Ware
Arthur A Chin, Nick A Collins, Mohsen N Harandi, Robert T Thomson, Robert A Ware: Naphtha upgrading. Mobil Oil Corporation, A J McKillop, M D Keen, May 9, 1995: US05414172 (12 worldwide citation)

A process for upgrading low octane naphthas to produce gasoline products with low levels of benzene and aromatics while retaining a high pool octane uses a paraffinic naphtha reformer feed which is dehexanized to provide a C.sub.7 + fraction which is fed to the reformer and a C.sub.6 fraction which ...

Artie Chin
Amos A Avidan, Arthur A Chin: Method for passivating metals on an FCC catalyst. Mobil Oil, Alexander J McKillop, Charles J Speciale, Dennis P Santini, January 22, 1991: US04986896 (8 worldwide citation)

A known method for passivating contaminant metals on an FCC catalyst comprises treating the catalyst with a sufficient amount of a sulfur-containing compound capable of associating with the contaminant metals when in contact therewith. An improvement comprises contacting the catalyst with the sulfur ...

Bob Ware
Arthur A Chin, Roland B Saeger, James A Stoos, Robert A Ware: Process for the conversion of C5 linear olefins to tertiary alkyl ethers. Mobil Oil Corporation, Alexander J McKillop, Dennis P Santini, Laurence P Hobbes, May 30, 1995: US05420360 (5 worldwide citation)

A process is disclosed for producing alkyl tertiary alkyl ether such as TAME from alkanol and hydrocarbon feedstock containing linear olefins, iso-olefins, linear alkanes and iso-alkanes such as C5 streams from FCC. The process selectively etherifies iso-olefins in a plural stage etherification zone ...

Bob Ware
Arthur A Chin, Mohsen N Harandi, Karen M Millane, Robert A Ware, James S Warwick: Fluid bed catalytic upgrading of reformate. Mobil Oil Corporation, Alexander J McKillop, Malcolm D Keen, L Gene Wise, March 7, 1995: US05395513 (2 worldwide citation)

A continuous process for upgrading reformate feedstock or the like to reduce benzene content and increase octane fuel rating. The improved process comprises maintaining a fluidized bed of regenerable acid solid medium pore zeolite catalyst particles in a turbulent regime reaction zone, preferably ma ...

Arthur A Chin, Ivy D Johnson, Charles T Kresge, Michael S Sarli: Additive for vanadium capture in catalytic cracking. Mobil Oil Corporation, Alexander J McKillop, Charles J Speciale, Malcolm D Keen, December 26, 1989: US04889615 (37 worldwide citation)

A catalytic cracking process especially useful for the catalytic cracking of high metals content feeds including resids in which the feed is cracked in the presence of a catalyst additive comprising a dehydrated magnesium-aluminum hydrotalcite which acts as a trap for vanadium as well as an agent fo ...

Arthur A Chin, Bryan M Knickerbocker, Jeffrey C Trewella, Terry R Waldron, Lloyd S White: Recovery of aromatic hydrocarbons using lubricating oil conditioned membranes. Exxon Mobil Corporation, Malcolm D Keen, February 13, 2001: US06187987 (34 worldwide citation)

Permselective separation of aromatic hydrocarbons from non-aromatic hydrocarbons in a feed stream is accomplished using improved asymmetric membranes. The preferred membranes are fashioned from a polyimide and conditioned with a lubricating oil. Feed streams containing a mixture of aromatic and non- ...

Arthur A Chin, Jonathan E Child, Paul H Schipper: Catalytic cracking process with isolated catalyst for conversion of NO.sub. x. Mobil Oil Corporation, Alexander J McKillop, Charles J Speciale, Richard D Stone, August 6, 1991: US05037538 (30 worldwide citation)

Oxides of nitrogen (NO.sub.x) emissions from an FCC regenerator are reduced by adding a DeNO.sub.x catalyst to the FCC regenerator in a form whereby the DeNO.sub.x catalyst remains segregated within the FCC regenerator. This permits use of a DeNO.sub.x catalyst without regard to the effect of the De ...

Arthur A Chin: Reducing NO.sub.x emissions with zinc catalyst. Mobil Oil Corporation, Alexander J McKillop, Charles J Speciale, Richard D Stone, March 26, 1991: US05002654 (26 worldwide citation)

A process for regeneration of cracking catalyst while minimizing NO.sub.x emissions is disclosed. A zinc-based DeNO.sub.x catalyst is present in an amount and in a form which reduces NO.sub.x emissions. Relatively small amounts of zinc oxides impregnated on a separate support having little or no cra ...