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Apparatus for seizing and holding the trailing edge of a paper sheet for transfer and turn-over in a printing press. The sheet transfer cylinder is provided with a rotatable central shaft and a plurality of segment members arranged in spaced planes radial to the shaft in at least one set to provide ...

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A technique for correcting backlash in gears utilized in printing machines. The backlash is corrected by means of toothed segments, i.e. sections of a gear, with each segment having gear teeth of varying width, with the teeth at the center of the segment having greatest width and the width of succes ...

Arnost Cerny: Sheet transfer cylinders. Adamovske strojirny, March 16, 1976: US03944218 (6 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a sheet transfer cylinder for a rotary printing machine and has associated therewith a mechanism for gripping the sheets to be transferred and for turning same. The transfer cylinder is rotatably mounted in the side walls of the machine. One of the side walls is provid ...

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A gripper mechanism for seizing the trailing edges of paper sheets on a transfer drum of a printing machine. A plurality of rollers are resiliently mounted so as to be rotationally shiftable toward the direction of movement of the paper sheet. The rollers are oriented at various oblique angles with ...

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The invention relates to a sheet transfer device, for offset printing machines which print on one side of the sheet or on both sides of the sheet of paper, having a means for adjustment to accommodate sheets of different sizes, achieving thereby an accurate register printing.